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Piano Lessons

In addition to voice lessons, I also teach beginning/intermediate piano! Please see the policies page for general information. The following is information specific to piano:


Reading age and up. This is usually around 6 years and includes adults!


I specialize in teaching beginners and early intermediate piano, usually about 0-4 years experience.


$25 for 30 minute lessons. I charge $5 extra per lesson to travel to your house to teach. If you are interested in other lesson lengths or a piano/voice combination, please contact me to negotiate a price.


I use the Alfred method books - the basic piano library for kids and the adult piano course for adults. In addition to the Alfred curriculum, I also assign scales and teach about different key signatures using the circle of fifths. I try very hard to cater to the specific needs of each student and use all of my resources to help you succeed.

Please contact me with any additional questions. I would love to teach you!

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